Protecting and Restoring the Identity of Our Clients

KEH Insurance Agency understands that privacy is an important asset to our affluent personal insurance clients, and that their identities and reputations have become increasingly difficult to safeguard in today’s society.

To better serve our clients before and/or after their identity has been stolen one of our company partners, ACE Private Risk Services, has aligned us with ID Resolution, LLC and developed ACE Identity Resolution Services. These services are provided to our clients on a complimentary basis and include:

  • Fraud Resolution Services
  • Travel Safety and Response Services
  • Social Network Services
  • Home and Auto Invasion Services
  • Surviving Spousal Services
  • Marriage and Divorce Services
  • Catastrophe Document Response Services
  • Reputation Services

In addition to the ACE Identity Resolution Services, ACE Private Risk Services can also provide up to $100,000 in Identity Fraud Expense coverage. This coverage can assist you in recovering other costs such as lost wages and defense costs related to restoring and repairing your identities.

The primary focus of these new services is to connect our client who may have suffered an identity fraud related loss to a team of specialists with decades of experience in identity restoration and fraud resolution. These fraud specialists will take a highly confidential one on one approach throughout the identity resolution process, and take the burden and uncertainty away from clients in having to restore their own identity and reputation. In addition, ACE Private Risk Services also automatically includes six months of triple bureau credit monitoring service as part of the restoration process. While these services are most commonly utilized after an identity fraud event has occurred, there are also proactive services to help individuals and families protect their personal information prior to significant life events, such as international estate settlement, marriage or divorce.

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