Management Liability Issues in the News

What is your liability?

The Trayvon Martin case in Florida has sparked a national reaction. It also is another example of how the reaction, “it will never happen here or to us” is a horrible strategy to take when serving on the board of a homeowners association. Horrible accidents happen. When you serve on a board, whether in the for-profit or non for-profit sectors, you are supposed to prepare for the horrible things that may happen.

As the owner of a company, we get it, you’re most frequently just trying to make payroll. However, you are expected to protect the confidential information your clients provide you. That includes the trust that is assumed in a simple credit card transaction, or when a client provides social security and other private data. The businesses that collect this information have a responsibility to protect it, and a legal obligation to let their clients know when someone may have inappropriately gained access to it. All of this, when not planned for, can become extremely expensive. Have you prepared?

Management Liability Issues in the News

Homeowner association could be sued in Martin case Florida.

If Trayvon Martin’s family decides to sue over his death, they very well may pursue The Retreat at Twin Lakes Homeowner’s Association where the shooting happened. The suit would likely name the association’s directors and officers individually and allege lack of management control and oversight. The acquittal of criminal charges against the accused shooter would not prevent the family from suing.

Hacker steals data on 780,000 people Utah.

A computer hacker stole Social Security numbers for 280,000 people and swiped names, addresses and birth dates for 500,000 others, state officials said today. Utahans covered by Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program who sought health care in the past four months are the most likely victims of the identify theft, officials said.

Bias cases hit in record numbers at EEOC Illinois.

A white employee said he was outraged when his boss at a manufacturing plant in Warren used the N-word to refer to a black co-worker. So the employee complained: to his boss, to his union and to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Microsoft deal with AOL part of patent scramble New York.

AOL’s $1 billion deal to sell and license patents to Microsoft is another in a series of similar acquisitions in the technology world. Companies like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google and others are collecting large patent libraries and increasingly using them in lawsuits to defend their businesses or to attack rivals.

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