Hurricane Season is Around the Corner

Official Start of Hurricane Season: June 1st

The warm weather is finally coming! Unfortunately, this brings along the dreaded Hurricane season. We want YOU to know what is covered on your Homeowners policy and what is not. For example, did you know that there may be a separate hurricane deductible on your homeowners policy? These deductibles can range from 1 to 3% of your total dwelling value. For example, if your home is insured for $150,000 with a 2% hurricane deductible, you could be paying a $3,000 hurricane deductible (Remember: This only comes into effect for NAMED hurricanes).


Time to review your policies:
  1. Do you have flood insurance?  Damage resulting from flood is NOT covered on your homeowners policy.
  2. What is your hurricane deductible?
  3. Do you have a contingency plan when a storm comes your way?
Click HERE to learn more about storm damage coverage on your Homeowners policy.
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