April Showers Bring… Flood Damage?

What to do when dealing with flood damage

Unfortunately, flood damage could happen to anyone. While this coverage is NOT included in your homeowners policy, taking the precaution to get a flood policy is an extremely useful tool. Contact us today to discuss your flood risks and to receive your quote. Remember, flood policies take 30 days to take effect; get your policy now, prior to hurricane/flood season.

Steps to take when dealing with flood damage:
  1. Take the necessary steps to protect your property from future damage.
  2. Set aside damaged property for further inspection. Do not dispose of anything.
  3. If you must dispose of a damaged item, document and take as many photos as possible.
  4. Keep samples of the damage for the adjuster (i.e. cut a piece of carpet).
  5. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Take photos of the loss and all damaged property
  6. List areas that may have structural damage
  7. Track all claim-related expenses and keep copies of all receipts.
    1. List the quantity of each item
    2. Clean up costs
    3. Description, brand, cost, serial #, etc.
Click HERE to learn more about flood coverage.
For a printable “Steps to Take When Dealing with Flood Damage”, click HERE.
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