Coastal Residents

Do you or someone you know own a coastal residence?

According to USA today, top forecasters from Colorado State University predict a quiet 2014 hurricane season for the Atlantic coast. This comes after INCORRECT predictions for the past 2 years. In 2012, twice the amount of hurricanes occurred than predicted, and in 2013 their prediction of 9 storms only formed into 2 named hurricanes.

Whether or not you follow these predictions, they are only predictions, not truth. Don’t look back after facing a loss wondering “Maybe I should have reviewed my insurance coverage.”


A coastal loss can financially burden you if you are not properly covered:
  1. Consider Flood Insurance – According to Insurance Information Institute, 90% of all natural disasters are accompanied by some form of flooding.
  2. Review your Homeowners policy. Notice that flood damage is not covered on standard policies.
  3. Renting a coastal residence? Renters need coverage too!
  4. Do you have a separate windstorm or hurricane deductible?


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