Renters Insurance for your College Student(s)

Protection for your child's belongings while they are away at school

As the need and use of technology continues to grow, the more apt your college student is to own these devices. According to MarketingCharts, college students own an average of 7 tech devices. Some of these items may cost a great deal, and could be a financial hardship for you or your student if these items were stolen, or were consumed by a fire in his or her off-campus housing. Renters insurance is relatively low-cost, and could save your student hundreds, if not thousands, for replacement of lost or damaged items.


Coverage Specific for Your Needs:
  • Protection for personal items, such as furniture, clothing, appliances and electronics.
  • Replacements Cost for your contents.
  • Valuable items protection for jewelry, musical instruments, etc.


If a fire were to consume your student’s apartment, how much would they lose?

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