New Year’s Resolutions

Losing Weight? Eating Healthy? Quitting a Bad Habit? How about making sure that your policies reflect possible changes within the past year?

When is the last time you fulfilled your new year’s resolution? Let’s try to set a new one. Instead of setting high, sometimes unreachable goals, take one simple step to make sure your insurance policies cover all of your assets.


What changed this past year that could affect your insurance coverage?

  • Protective Devices – Have you had a new alarm installed in your home? You may receive discounts for this addition.
  • Valuable Articles – The holidays are over now. If you received valuable jewelry, furs, etc., check your policy to make sure you have enough coverage for them.
  • Vehicles – Did you trade-in, purchase or sell your vehicle this past year? Did you notify the insurance company?
  • Flood – Did you know that most homeowners policies do not cover flood damage? Contact us today for a quote.
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