Professional Advisory Team

We call the collaboration of a business owner’s Accountant, Attorney and Property & Casualty Insurance Broker the Professional Advisory Team.









Too often, businesses are not properly supported by their accountants, attorneys and insurance professionals because these individuals are not communicating and many times may not even know each other. These three professionals should be talking to each other about your business on a regular basis, not just when a problem arises.  You should have a Professional Advisory Team and it should be meeting on a regular basis.

The role of the Professional Advisory Team is to work with management on such issues as strategic partnerships, joint ventures, recruiting, infrastructure, capital needs, banking relationships, IP strategy, and other topics related to running and expanding your business.

Examples of questions the Professional Advisory Team should be answering for business owners include:

  • How do I raise the capital I need to expand my business; are my professional advisors experienced in capital investment and do they have the appropriate professional contacts that I need?
  • Do I need a better banking relationship and how do I find one; who do my professional advisors have relationships with?
  • Can my professional advisors help me to identify the risk created by the changes I’m about to make in my company?
  • Are my professional advisors introducing me to new contacts and clients to help expand my company?

It’s vital for your lawyer, accountant and insurance professional to talk to each other. It’s just as vital for you, as a business owner, to speak with them as a group.

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