If you are in the practice of providing architectural/engineering services, you and/or your company may be at risk. Most professional liability claims are made by owners against architects and engineers they have hired to provide professional services related to the design and construction of a building. As the economy improves, there is a growing need for architectural services and thus, the possibility of your limits being exhausted before the policy term runs out. It is important to ensure that your Professional Liability policy is written properly, providing adequate coverage for issues and claims that may arise throughout the year, and for jobs that have been completed in previous years.

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Design Error — The contractor made a cost estimate of $2 million for a warehouse project. A loading platform was later found to be inadequate to meet the stated needs of the warehouse. With the revisions, the project cost $2.5 million. The contractor was held liable for the $500,000 difference.


The claim scenarios described here are offered solely to illustrate the types of situations that may result in claims. The precise coverage afforded by any insurer is subject to the terms and conditions of the policies as issued. Whether or to what extent a particular loss is covered depends on the facts and circumstances of the loss, the terms and conditions of the policy as issued and applicable law.