Whether you are a Florist, Model Shop, Sporting Goods Store, or any other type of retailer, you are open to claims on a daily basis. Employee theft accounts for 45% of all crime-related losses. Despite security measures, employee theft is an ongoing problem for retailers. If you keep electronic records for your customers, you are at risk for data breach. You also have a liability exposure as a retailer, whether it be from a slip/trip and fall on your premises, injury to a customer from one of your products, or as a result of your faulty work on a customer’s product. We have a wide variety of carriers to provide you with the appropriate insurance for your business. While you focus on your inventory and business growth, let us take care of making sure you’re properly covered.

The insured is a retail store and seller of gel candles. An individual received a gel candle as a gift which was purchased by a friend at the insured’s store. After an evening social gathering, the woman placed her hands on the table where the gel candle was burning and attempted to blow out the candle. The woman alleges the glass housing the candle exploded, dousing her hands with a flaming/molten gel substance.

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The claim scenarios described here are offered solely to illustrate the types of situations that may result in claims. The precise coverage afforded by any insurer is subject to the terms and conditions of the policies as issued. Whether or to what extent a particular loss is covered depends on the facts and circumstances of the loss, the terms and conditions of the policy as issued and applicable law.